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www qld gov au prospectivejuror

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Jury service – Queensland Government | Queensland Government


Jury service. Juries are an important part of our legal system. They’re made up of ordinary citizens from our community who are randomly selected from the electoral roll. Performing jury service (also called jury duty) will give you the opportunity to play a vital role in our justice system. As a juror, you’ll bring a wealth of common sense …

Jury service | Queensland Courts – courts.qld.gov.au


Jury service. Juror safety is our priority. In consultation with Queensland Health, Queensland Courts have implemented measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to jurors. Juries are an important part of our legal system. They’re made up of ordinary citizens from our community who are randomly selected from the electoral roll.

Queensland Government | Queensland Government


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Prospective juror questionnaire – Queensland Government


Complete this form if you have received a Notice to prospective juror letter in the mail.. If you do not fill out this form truthfully—before the date listed on your Notice to prospective juror—you will be guilty of an offence and we may fine you $1,000 or imprison you for 2 months.. It takes around 5 minutes to complete this form.

Getting a jury service notice | Queensland Courts


In Queensland, you can’t postpone jury service. However, you may be excused from taking part under some circumstances. If prospective juror is overseas. If you have permission to open someone’s mail while they’re overseas and they’ve received a notice to serve jury service, do not complete the questionnaire on their behalf.

Being excused from jury service | Queensland Courts


In Queensland, you can’t postpone your jury service, but you may be considered for excusal for the following reasons: You have served as a juror in the past 12 months. Your state of health. Carer commitments during all or part of the time you’d be required. Your work or study commitments make it absolutely impossible.

Do it online | Queensland Courts – courts.qld.gov.au


Plead guilty online if you’ve received a complaint and summons or notice to appear from a Queensland police officer in Queensland and need to appear in a Queensland Magistrates Court in relation to a minor offence. Prospective juror questionnaire. Complete this form online if you have received a ‘Notice to prospective juror’ letter in the …

About jury service | Queensland Courts – courts.qld.gov.au


About jury service. Most criminal cases heard in the Supreme Court and District Court take place in front of a jury. Usually 12 people are chosen at random from the community. The jury listens to the evidence and makes the most important decision about a court case: whether the person is guilty or not guilty (or, in civil cases, who is at fault).


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