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www.rain.co.za login

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How do I log into my account? – rain


There are a couple of ways to sign into your account: Simply click on the hamburger menu bar in the top left corner of the screen. Once the menu bar drops down, click ‘sign in’. You can click “sign in” on the top right of www.rain.co.za. If you have forgotten your sign-in details take a look here.

eRICA – rain


eRICA. Tap on your link in the SMS we sent you earlier and continue from where you left off.

rain | SA’s mobile data-only network | Fast, affordable …


rain’s 4G products are all about making data both affordable and unlimited. We offer a choice of plans to suit your needs, from unlimited off-peak for only R250 a month to anytime unlimited for R479 a month. If you’ve got a 4G-enabled phone, tablet or MiFi device, you can use rain 4G.



This Dashboard (and related services) is the property of Rain Networks (Pty) Ltd.This Dashboard may only be viewed or used by recipients listed in an official Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and/or a Access Control List.Access is granted by log-in authentication and the user details thereof are not to be shared.

rain | SA’s mobile data-only network | Fast, affordable …


19 hours unlimited off-peak data every day. Off-peak (11pm – 6pm the next day) R50 a gig during peak (6pm – 11pm) Set your monthly peak gig limit. Use on any 4G enabled device. This service is a best effort service*. *Speeds and streaming quality may vary due to rain’s network management policy or network load. unlimited 4G.

rain | SA’s mobile data-only network | Fast, affordable …


more about rain’s 5G. 5G is the 5th generation of cellular technology. It’ll allow you to do more with data than ever before. When you upgrade to rain’s 5G, you join South Africa’s first commercial 5G network. Here’s what you get: unlimited data. your choice of plans. your choice of network speeds. Your choice of streaming quality.

Rain Login: How Do I Log Into my Rain Account?


You can sign into your account through the Rain App or through the website www.rain.co.za. For the purpose of this article, we will show you how to login through the Rain website. Once you are on the Rain website, click on the hamburger menu bar in the top left corner of the screen.

rain | SA’s mobile data-only network | Fast, affordable …


rain | SA’s mobile data-only network | Fast, affordable internet. forgot password click here.



It might be your APN settings Availability of rain SIM during lock down 5G Troubleshooting guide Huawei CPE Pro – H112 models 5G Troubleshooting guide Huawei CPE X – N5368 models.


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